Leave Your Mark With Custom Stickers, Decals and Labels by Kelly Signs

Kelly-signs-stickers-0They aren’t just for kids – custom stickers, decals and labels are also a great way for you to promote your brand, your business, or your cause. At Kelly Signs, we can print adhesive stickers, decals or labels for you in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. Printed at the highest quality on professional-grade stock, we can also incorporate any graphics or text that we are provided with. If you can design it, we can make it stick! They can be used for anything from product labelling to car stickers and election signs.

So why not make a lasting impression with custom stickers, decals or labels by Kelly Signs?

Product Labelling

If you run your own business, then these are perfect for you. Leave your mark on everything you sell with custom product labels, decals or stickers that carry your brand’s logo and distinctive identity with them. Include company and product information for added convenience for both you and your customers. Upgrade your business today with custom product labels, stickers or decals!

Sample Decals

Decal Prints

Business Decals

Custom Decals

Elections, Fundraisers, and Other Campaigns

Whether you’re running for school trustee, running in a charity race, or just plain running around trying to raise awareness, stickers, decals and labels are always a handy tool for your arsenal.

Whether it’s a car sticker so people can show support on the road or part of your promotional materials package, stick to your cause with custom stickers from Kelly Signs!

Mailing Labels

If you still send snail mail, mailing labels with return address information are incredibly useful, especially around the holidays or when sending a lot of thank you notes! You can also include them with invitations to big events like weddings, so that people can send their RSVPs with ease and convenience.

Whatever you need and where ever you need it to stick, when you get your custom stickers, decals and labels printed with Kelly Signs, you get versatile, durable, and high-quality products.






Transform your windows into super sleek and professional advertisements by using our quality window decals or stickers. Adorn your windows with these long-lasting decorations and see how they are able to withstand difficult weather conditions. Not only do they significantly increase visibility, look great, and have a long life span, but they are effective at encouraging people to make impulse purchases.


Many companies miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of the empty window space available to them. Don’t be one of them. By allowing us to apply windows decals or stickers to this unused space, you can flaunt your logo, special promotions and more to all of the potential customers passing by your store. Not only does it make your building or storefront look more attractive, but it will help entice people and bring them into your place of business.

What’s great about window decals and stickers is that they give you a lot of room for creativity. Just think of all the different types you’ve seen
just by taking a casual stroll down the street. You can go all out with an elaborate and colourful design or keep it simple with plain text and/or numbers (like your store hours, for example). Just like we do when it comes to the processes for all of our signs, we’ll work closely with you on a design that will best suit your needs and address your objectives. No matter what you are looking for, our experts will install your window decals and stickers in no time.

If you want to know exactly how you can take advantage of our services and take a look at all of our window decal and sticker options, our experts at Kelly Signs would be more than happy to address whatever inquiries you have.


Perforated Window VinylLooking for something a little different? Kelly Signs also offers perforated window vinyl–another excellent option for dressing up your storefront or office window. Perforated window vinyl appears opaque from the outside, while still allowing visibility from the inside. This material is extremely weather-resistant, ensuring that the printed colours stay true, no matter the conditions. Kelly Signs can help you make a lasting impression with your customers with the installation of this increasingly popular advertising medium.


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