Tear Drop, Rectangle, and Feather Flags for Your Business

Nothing draws a customer’s attention quite like feather flags, tear drop flags or rectangle flags swaying in the breeze. Custom flags are a great addition to your business’ exterior, encouraging customers to stop in and say hello, and their versatility allows for use at indoor events as well. Feather flags, tear drop flags, and rectangle flags alike are ideal for use at festivals, street fairs, trade shows, and inside retail stores and fast food restaurants.

Many businesses lack an outdoor advertising strategy, and flags are an ideal solution to this problem. Feather flags, tear drop flags, and rectangle flags are all engineered to withstand outdoor weather conditions, including wind, rain, and snow, so there’s no need to drag them in on rainy days and miss out on crucial advertising opportunities.

At Kelly Signs, our experienced design staff can help you craft exquisite, attention-grabbing graphics and text to be featured prominently on your tear drop, rectangle, or feather flag. Imagine your company logo or slogan blowing about on a blustery day, or towering over all of the booths on the tradeshow floor. You can use just one, but this affordable solution also provides the option of creating a cluster for stronger impact.

Kelly Signs tear drop, rectangle, and feather flags are all available in a range of sizes, and with a wide range of bases to suit any location. Equipped with a spike stand or X-ground stake, the flag securely stands upright while it flutters and turns with the wind. No matter the size you choose, these flags are an excellent marketing tool, guaranteed to bring attention to your brand, promote your message, and effectively target potential customers.

Canvas carrying bag

Mega Flag Canvas Carrier Bag – more info coming soon



Mega Flags Installation

Flags, whether tear drop, rectangle, or feather flags, are extremely versatile, lightweight, and easy to assemble. They can be installed in minutes to create a lasting impression, and work great with or without wind. As an added bonus, Kelly Signs also sells convenient canvas carrier bags to make transportation and set-up even easier.

This product goes where no other sign has gone before, and the results will speak for themselves. The unique design and affordability of tear drop, rectangle, and feather flags make them a must-have for any business looking to get noticed.

We also do Trade Show Display AND BANNERS



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