Shine bright with LED signs from Kelly Signs!

OUTSIDE-LEDThe goal of any business is to be seen, and that’s exactly what you get with custom LED signs. These light-emitting signs are changing the way that businesses in every industry are promoting their products, services, and events. In today’s fast paced marketplace, you often have only a few seconds to attract the attention of potential customers, so your signage and advertising must be vibrant and eye-catching. Clear, intriguing, and dynamic, LED signs are the ultimate way to convey your message to customers and passersby.

LED signs allow you to program and display custom messages, graphics, and logos that can been seen and read from hundreds of feet away. Updating the message is a breeze, which means that you can change the information quickly and easily, depending on sales, specials, promotions, and important information that needs to be communicated in a timely manner.

LED Signs Installation

INSIDE-LEDIf you’re worried that the installation and programming of your LED signage will be difficult and time-consuming, especially after prolonged use, you can rest assured that this is not the case. Kelly Signs can take care of your installation needs, and programming these signs could not be easier! LED signs require very little maintenance, have low energy consumption, and will remain bright and vibrant for several years.

If you thought LED signs were for outdoor use only, then think again! Indoor LED signs are perfect for shopping malls, super markets, restaurants, and commercial buildings.

When placed in high-traffic, high-exposure areas, indoor and outdoor LED signs will attract customers and strengthen your brand, and both have been used successfully by businesses across several industries.

Whether it’s letting customers know that your store is open, a business trying to ensure its visibility with clients (even in the dark), or a foreign exchange office, restaurant or doctor’s office with a requirement to convey an important message, allow Kelly Signs to customize an LED sign that will meet your needs.

At Kelly Signs, we offer superior craftsmanship and design. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your LED signage needs.


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