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QR Codes:
Kelly Signs Introduces Custom QR Codes

Here’s a new exciting marketing tool for realtors. A simple way to make your real estate signs more effective.  

What is a QR code?
A QR or quick response code is a graphic image that can be read by special software on most smart phones. QR Codes contains online addresses embedded in two-dimensional squares.

How does it work?
All a prospective customer has to do is snap a photo of the QR Code with their web capable smart phone. They can be programmed to take you immediately to the website embedded in the QR Code, call a cell phone or view a virtual tour of the home. Instant information – 24/7. Imagine the possibilities for your Real Estate business!  They're almost unlimited!

Where can they be used? Anywhere!
QR Codes are a great tool that every Agent should be using. It’s like having a silent salesperson. Your QR Codes are always working for you by providing important information to help generate sales.

You can place a QR Code almost anywhere!

- Signs
- Toppers
- Windows
- Vehicles
- Business Cards
- Mailers
- Door Hangers
- Ads 

WOW!   I’ve got to have one!   How much are they?
Basic QR Codes are $10.00, when incorporated your sign. Or you can upgrade to a custom QR Code that has your brand, logo or picture embedded in the code. We can even customize the colors in the code.  Call today for details!

QR codes are a great tool that every realtor should be using!





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